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Mar 13, 2013 6:00am PDT
continue to be the leader in the world economy. we need the pope, get that done. italy needs to get a pope and get their economy back on track. costco good, target good, wal-mart good, j.c. penney, not so good. >> the important is if we do not send money the economy falters. >> i feel like at mcmahon, you are correct sir. we do pay attention to that. >> do we have and it's all coming out tomorrow? >> the most lanes/mob ever in the york for people. samsung employees. they're coming out of the phone tomorrow and it has samsung aquiver in. it is one-fifth of th10 years ago they we need t new products. >> the intent was sounds of all is the son was steeper than the five phones do you think that will help apple out if they have in the less-expensive iphone? >> yes i do. we go is a good success partner. sam's and has a good partner. did i were to marry samsung or apple i would do well. as long as i don't marry nokia. they aren't bad, motorola is dead. samsung and apple are the two players. it is not a pie they make, and is not a pie they get. i is good. they are the two best pipe makers if you g
Mar 13, 2013 7:00am PDT
in the autos and overall the u.s. consumer continues to spend. it is a contradiction in helps our economy we're not saving enough for retirement but we want to see retail spending go higher. the headline numbers a little misleading because of the gasoline prices. there is momentum in our economy. when there is we hire people if you're unemployed get ready. >> good news coming from ucla a report about what is to come for our economy. anderson forecast it is economic data that nerd's like me love. and ernest come back is staged. is not falling apart from the euro zone and budget cuts that are kicking in. most of the negatives are being negated. it is not an apocalypse. countries ddt should be 1.9% this year 1.8% next year. increase business in our state. unemployment should continue to drop in our state although it is high at this time. again, a positive indicator. i love to talk about the economy expanding vs loss four-five years. >> that is a rosy picture. >> the sam saw in dallas ssung galaxy coming out tomorrow. >> sell on the news by on the rumors. tomorrow it will be big news. this is ba
Mar 15, 2013 8:00pm PDT
at the national archives. >> "these cuts harm not help economy." to cuts in science research at the national lab president obama visited in illinois. >> "they don't trim the fat. they cut into muscle and into bone." >> reporter: talk to amanda harrison. whose husband john just lost the tuition assistance he receives from the marines. due to the automatic cuts. it's a program. that enticed him to join the marines in the first place. >> "you don't get to maintain a good job, i'm sorry, as a service member's wife. you know we give up a lot and this was a little something in return for everything we do." >> reporter: back at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. the students who wanted to get an up-close look of the white house. are getting a tour of broken government. >> "this is the people's house so we should have gone inside the house." >> reporter: a tour. that comes at a high price. >> "it's a terrible example to give these kids." >> reporter: "it's like breaking a promise." >> "it's like breaking a promise." jim acosta, president obama says arrangements may be worked out for some schools to re-book their
Mar 17, 2013 8:00pm PDT
korea would damage its economy and effect its relationship with its neighbors and key ally the united states, mr. chung and his supporters believe it's the price they may have to pay to ensure denuclearization on the korean peninsula". regardless of whether or not south korea down the nuclear route, the south korean government under new president park geun-hye says if there is any military provocation from pyongyang it will retaliate with destructive force. anna coren, cnn, seoul. three people have been arrested after two inmates escaped from a correctional facility in quebec canada. using a helicopter. police caught one of the escapees -- who was described as a high profile offender. he was behind bars in connection with an attempted murder investigation. the other inmate is still on the loose -- and police have not identified the other people who were arrested. the helicopter's pilot is considered to be a witness -- not a suspect. cleveland has the rock n roll hall of fame. coming up, we'll show you the rock stars of sf state's hall of fame. plus we'll get a look at that sea lion p
Mar 19, 2013 8:00pm PDT
in a rebounding economy, many workers say they don't think they can afford to retire. a new survey by the employee benefit research institute says 28% of americans are not confident about their retirement savings. the highest that number's been in 23 years. .and more than double what it was back in 2007, when only 10% of americans were worried about having enough for their golden years. surprisingly, a majority are reporting that their savings and investments are less than $25,000, with some having less than $1,000 in the piggy bank. part of the problem is that many americans are too worried about the short- term, to look so far ahead. saving for retirement isn't the most pressing concern when people are constantly worried about job uncertainty, day-to-day expenses and paying off their debt. i'm vicki liviakis, kron 4 news. >> popular yoga pants.considered too revealing.are now being pulled from store shelves. lulu lemon has recalled its black yoga pants because the sheer material can show too much skin. the company says it is not sure why the pants are so sheer since they haven't changed the mate
Mar 20, 2013 6:00am PDT
that they are concerned about their retirement savings, even in a rebounding economy. according to a new survey by the employee benefit research institute: 28% of americans are not confident about their retirement savings. the highest that numbers have been 23 years. more than double was back in 2007, when only 10 percent of americans were worried about having enough for their golden years. additionally, nearly half of the respondents say that they were either " not too confident " or " not at all confident " about the actual amount they have saved. surprisingly, a majority are reporting their savings and investments are less than $25,000, which many have been less than $1,000 available. >> a palestinian girl many view as a hero has returned to school for the first time, since she was attacked by television and militants. malala yousufzai shot in the head last october, because of her support for girls' education. she is not attending school in england, where she has been receiving medical treatment. she is excited to get back into the classroom. >> i want to learn how to bring a change in the w
Mar 13, 2013 5:00pm PDT
. higher taxes and an improving economy are expected to hold the deficit below one- trillion dollars for the first time since president obama took office. >> reporter: police say they're searching an upstate new york village after exchanging fire with a man suspected of killing four people and wounding two others. state police superintendent joseph d'amico says swat teams and other officers were fired on from an abandoned building in herkimer early wednesday afternoon while looking for 64-year-old kurt myers. police say myers' rampage started with a fire in his apartment in the nearby village of mohawk at about 9:30 a.m. wednesday. they say he then used a shotgun shot to shoot four people, two fatally, at a barbershop around the corner before killing two more at a herkimer oil change and car wash business. >> catherine: a new york grand jury indicted a man today.for a hit and run accident that killed a couple and their unborn child in brooklyn. police say julio acevedo had been speeding. he surrendered to police in pennsylvania last week and was indicted on a charge of leaving an acc
Mar 14, 2013 7:00am PDT
the economy. >> i have never thought about that. so recently in addition to the national cells as well it amplifies the ability to make money. >> and local insurance company may want something more origiregional as opposed to national. >> apple being one of the losers. >> the wall street journal reports it says it is better than tsam saw sung. >> for apple to take out an ad in the wall street journal it is not what steve jobs with done. >> it seems in the day one of jobs was at the helm we did not hear so much bad press or there wasn't so much grumbling about apple. now it seems post jobs more and more of these types of articles are coming up on wall street. >> they have to come up with a new product has to be a $5 billion product. >> those not come out easily if they have to pull out something. watches are $60 million market. it will probably be a watch. there will probably build cheaper phones in their earnings growing. by the end of the month they may have a massive stock buyback. >> next is gold. i have been holding back even though the press kept going up. i almost tried to buy so
Mar 19, 2013 7:00am PDT
in local economy. it is a big thing. what is santa clara prepared to do? the nfl wants them to wait parking fees. something as simple as $5. they did not want to pay for that. >> the big thing is they want to waive the hotel taxes that could mean millions of dollars. >> off what could help santa clara, san francisco is the fact that miami the other city competing for 2016 has told the nfl will not waive the hotel taxes. santa clara will decide if that will happen. >> we will look at that and perhaps at that time they will say the bay area is a much better deal and miami. >> will have to wait and see. do we have any idea when they make the decision. >> the owners have to get together and vote? >> may 22nd there will make the decision. they have to give the host city several years to prepare to get the infrastructure in place. they have to build facilities if necessary to host insuperable. >> if i just left norland it is huge. you need all kinds of buildings conference rooms and all these things to host the nfl media as well as the activity for the fans. >> we shall see will. thank you for th
Mar 16, 2013 7:00am PDT
when they determine the funding. they hope that this will improve as the economy improves. >> dan kerman kron 4 news. >> here is a breakdown by school districts. san francisco unified cut cut 185 jobs. oakland unified could cut 65 administrators. redwood city will have eight certify positions that may be eliminated. in fremont, san jose unified, walnut creek impala out to unify those districts say " no " pink slips have been sent out. >> national news states that just one of the problem after another for the carnival cruise lines. the conable legend is the lead issue to have troubles at sea, sunday as a technical issue with one of the ships thruster's affected is selling speed. this pessimistic, thousands of passengers on board the conable dream had to undock because of power and toilet problems. passengers were flown home at combo's expense. last weekend th conable eelation had to be escorted by a tugboat because of a mal malfunctioned in a steering system. and of course, there's a the conable tram fiasco from a month ago when passengers spend five days stranded at sea and the gu
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10